Turning out pannacottas

Pour boiling water into a large heatproof bowl (just enough to come up the sides of a pannacotta once place in it).

Place the pannacotta moulds in the boiling water for only 3-4 seconds max (making sure the water does not go into or touch the pannacotta).

Place a serving plate on the top of the pannacotta and holding the plate and the pannacotta bottom invert so the plate is now on the bottom.

Still holding the pannacotta, gently tap (and slightly squeeze the sides) then carefully lift the mould directly upwards.

*If you ever have a pannacotta not hold its shape after the process (set out above), there are three reasons as to why:

1. the pannacotta has been in the water boiling water bath for too long and has melted;

2. the pannacotta has not completely set in the fridge;

3. the gelatin either did not dissolve properly, there was not enough, or was not properly dispersed through the pannacotta mixture.