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FARANG: The Story of Andy Ricker of the Pok Pok Empire | Review

Coming from the VICE documentary guys this hour-long documentary centers on chef Andy Ricker of the Pok Pok thai-food empire in the states.

About 65-70% of this movie is about his 20+-year experience with Thai food and Pok Pok beginnings to current and future projects. Just after mid-way through the documentary, Andy Ricker’s childhood and list of obsessions over the years is explored – and although I realise this documentary is about him, I was more interested in Pok Pok (as it was Portlands Restrauant of the Year 2007), so that section bored me.Old footage of Thailand in the 80’s and Portland when he was younger was cool, that broke the film up a bit.

Ricker’s risk-taking for Pok Pok (to make authentic Thai food which is un-westernised) has paid off, as he has 7 restrauants. The story also looks at his current set-up  Sen Yai Noodle. The relationship between ‘Sunny’ a long-time Thai friend and Ricker’s is explored and he is called into consult on Sen Yai Noodle.

3/5 stars