Thug Kitchen | Review

Thug Kitchen (eat like you give a f*ck) – Thug Kitchen LLC – Little, Brown Book Group – 209 pages, RRP $30







Content | Thug Kitchen is a vegan, street-food-home-food-everyday-food cookbook created from the team to (and quote) “inspire motherf*ckers to eat some goddamn vegetables and adopt a healthier lifestyle”. Thug Kitchen’s cookbook uses a crazy multitude of swear words and this makes their introduction story kind of hilarious, although the story itself does have a very real and logical message. The chapters or so-called ‘Track List’ are as follows: Carpe F*cking Diem – Breakfast, Short Order Sh*t – Salads, Sammies & Mini Meals, Big-Ass Cup of Cozy – Soups & Stews, The Munchies – Salads, Sips & the Snack Life, The Main Event – Burritos, Bowls & other Bomb-Ass Meals, Sweet Talk – Baked Goods & Motherf*cking Dessert.

Photography/Layout/Design | This book is pretty hipster. Black and white strong typography recipe pages with elements of graphic design (including watercolour & graffiti splodges) are throughout the pages. Barcoded/typewriter typography used over some of the adjacent recipe page images. Insert photo pages contain market stalls and eat-out joints. The photographs of Thug Kitchen’s food are very laid back and not too glammed up, illustrating a ‘food at home’ vibe, with decks of cards surrounding food, a family dinner table with a ready-to-tuck-in feel and even a photo of someone drawing whilst having cookies near them.

Recipes/Functionality | Can the vegan recipes live up to the professed swag of the book. Yes, yes they can. There are notes on a few recipe pages such as ‘Making your own pancake mix’ (pg 12) and Dropping Knowledge areas throughout the book like how ‘Miso Paste’ is made (pg 88) and how to ‘Use Acids, Not Salt’ (pg 125). The recipe pages are as informative and flexible as they can be and little sub-notes are provided on every page to assist the cook which is very helpful. There is also some really funny words on the recipe photos like “try not to lick the f*cking page” featured on the mouthwatering ‘Tortilla Soup’ (pg 98). The ‘Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad’ (pg 50), ‘Potato Leek Soup’ (pg 96), ‘Peach-Mint Sun Tea’ (pg 131) are all super-easy to make, taste delicious and I recommend them. The mains in this book are pretty awesome and they can easily stand up on their own. The sweets are not as boss compared to the other chapters in this book and they let me down a little, but that said, they are still great refined-sugar-free and dairy-free recipes which fit nicely in with the books nutritious, healthy-eating emphasis.

With stand-out, recipes that everyone will enjoy such as the ‘Roasted Beer & Lime Cauliflower Tacos with Cilantro Coleslaw’ (pg 166) and ‘Chocolate Fudge Pops’ (pg 182) it’s hard not to get completely and totally addicted to veggie loaded, sugar-free, vegan cooking at home.

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This book is full of delicious, homestyle, stand-out vegan dishes that will convert any meat-eater

Suggest Audience:

  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians and those converting to this way of living.
  • People wanting to get more veggies in their diets and reducing their sugar-intake with delicious, easy, homestyle meals.