Michelin Stars: The Madness of Perfection | Review

UK food critic William Sitwell is on a quest to find out why is the famed Michelin Star so important? Why do chefs work countless hours and go through emotional and physical stress to gain or uphold their stars?

Sitwell encounters realities of the industry, insights from chefs themselves who are either pursuing this dream or chefs who have given up with stars and let the dream go and the history behind the famous stars, what is deemed ‘Michelin worthy’ and what this means for the food and restaurant industry.

Among the chefs interviewed is Marco Pierre White, the youngest chef to receive three Michelin stars and who controversially returned his stars said, (in response to the pressure chefs put on themselves) that “…the people judging them have less technical ability than they have…”Raymond Blanc mirrors this, talking about the benefits of having the Michelin stars, as it means much more business through the doors, but the added pressure can be costly, as was the case with famous French chef Bernard Loiseau who held his stars for 12 years, but the pressure to maintain the stars and rumors that he may loose the stars led him to commit suicide. Anyone interested in this mad system, watch this documentary.

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