Ample Hills Creamery | Review

Ample Hills Creamery – Brian Smith & Jackie Cuscuna – Stewart, Tabori & Chang – 222 pages, RRP $25



Content | This book covers some of the most popular recipes from the “…hundreds of flavors made…” at Brooklyns finest creamery (including a look at Ample Hills commercial manufacturing process). The book is broken into introduction and 8 flavor chapters ranging from basic, to boozy to experimental.

At the beginning of each recipe chapter, there is a short kids story featuring 3 characters. Which ties in with the ‘kids + family-run business theme’ throughout the book.

There are some recipes like the ‘Nanatella’ (pg 58) which is the banana icecream recipe on the previous page with Nutella added it to it basically doesn’t warrant its own page, it is simply a minor variation. Duplicate recipes like this happen only a few times in the book.

Photography/Layout/Design |
Ample Hills is a family-run business and as such, this book has cartoon illustrations and games popped into pages for an added element. The colours are bright, the photography simple and the writing style easy to understand. Not all recipes have photos (about 70%) and there are a some recipes with multiple elements that did not have photos of the final product attached – which is kind of the motivation behind making a recipe with a long slew of ingredients and instructions.

Aside from that, the book is awesome. I don’t quite get the games within the book, but if it will encourage kids to  read at cookbooks – I’m all for it.

Recipes/Functionality | the recipe flavours and combinations are stock-standard but sound delicious. There are a few different icecream flavours, (‘Breakfast Trash’ pg 69, ‘Pb Fluff n’ Stuff pg 109 and ‘Daddy’s Sundae’ – a bourbon salted caramel fudge sundae) that are outside the norm, but are not too far outside you’re not game to try them. I personally love the Ooey, Goey Buttercake icecream – I made it, freaking delicious.

The concept, matches the layout, stories and recipes in the Ample Hills Creamery. Loads of recipes, just the right amount of chit-chat.

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This book is fun, bright and ties in the concepts of family cooking well.

Suggest Audience:

  • Those who are novice icecream makers and anyone who loves icecream.
  • Parent's after a family activity for their kids (book features child-friendly stories and games).