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Almond Butter Bars [Vegan & Raw]

If you're an almond butter fan - you're going to love these! The ingredients featured here can be bought at health food stores or online. This is an expensive recipe to make given the quantities, so feel free to divide the recipe (my initial tester recipe was 1/8 of this - I made one bar and it worked out fine). I am showing half (8 bars here) and to do this, you can use baking paper to line half of the brownie tin and fold up the edge of the paper in the center of the tin to create a barrier (effectively halving the tin). You can swap in-and-out the dried apricot for whatever else you like, apricots and almonds are a classic pairing so they are simply an example here. These bars are best kept in the fridge, but by all means you can leave them out (as cocoa butter solidifies at a normal room temperature) - they will just be a little soft.