Strawberry & Lime Jam
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Prep Time:
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Servings: 500ml jar
Prep Time
Cooking Time
30 minutes
jar 500ml


  • 500 g strawberries (hulled)
  • 1 medium lime (juiced and 1/2 zested)
  • 250 g granulated sugar
  1. Take a small plate and place in coldest part of your fridge.
  2. Place all ingredients into a medium saucepan and cook, stirring occassionally (to prevent burning) until all the fruit has softened.
  3. Continue to cook (pressing down to break some of the fruit) until mixture has reduced, thickened and 'jammed'.
  4. You can test if the mixture has 'jammed' by taking the plate from the fridge and smearing a little of the mixture onto the cold plate. If the mixture has a jam-gel like texture then it is ready.
  5. Pour into a sterilised jar.

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