Whipped Cheesecakes

Jan 2015 | The Master Whipped Cheesecake and 29 other whipped variations are the lightest, no-bake cheesecakes. These recipe’s will make enough for 8 generous slices, double the filling for a higher cheesecake and don’t forget to search the Tips+Tricks for how to: Avoid fruit floating on jelly-topped cheesecakes, cutting a cheesecake perfectly and getting the best biscuit base.

Happy cheesecake making!


master-whipped-cheesecake peanut butter chocolate cheesecakemint choc chip cheesecake caramel+latte cookies and cream cheesecakedark-chocolate-mousse2 orange sherbert creamsicleTangy Lime & lemon Cheesecake coconut rough cheesecake marsbar ferrero rocher cheesecake orange & passionfruit topped cheesecake Lychee & Coconut topped cheesecake mango & peach topped cheesecake blueberry & blackberry Topped cheesecake strawberry & raspberry topped cheesecake Spiced Plum & Cherry Topped Cheesecake Kiwi Pineapple Topped Cheesecake daim germanhoneymousse ginger+coconutjelly-cheesecake-1macadamia-cookie-dough-cheesecakemango white choc cheesecake   peachesncreamblueberries-and-creamelderflower strawberries and cream cheesecake melba cheesecakecandied bacon and maple cheesecakehersheys cheesecake